Underwater Video Camera

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Underwater Video Camera - SwimPro Basix(700)

The entry level SwimPro Basix consists of a 700TV line Static Wall Bracket Swimming Camera. If you are looking for a camera that will simply sit on the side or end of your pool wall, this is the system 
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Underwater Video Camera - SwimPro

The most popular All-in-One Swimming Video Camera System. Developed with Olympic level coaches and athletes at Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre, this system has proven to be the ultimate in Swimming Training Cameras. 
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Carry Bag for Camera

SKU: CAM12150
The SwimPro Carry Bag protects your camera's. 
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Swim Pro Platinum

SKU: PCAM10012
The elite swimming training package. Are you looking for the best of the best in swimming camera training equipment? The single camera SwimPro Platinum package will cover all angles above and below water. 
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Under Water Video Camera - Platinum

SKU: PCAM10020
The Elite Swimming Package for those who want an elite swim training system that has every swimming video angle and aspect covered. If you’re looking for an all-in-one, top of the range Swimming Camera package, then choose Swim Pro Platinum. 
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Swim Pro Floor Cam

SKU: PCAM10030
From the bottom (of the pool) SwimPro Floorcam features a SwimPro 600TV line custom made camera, the SwimPro Floorcam is a great way to view swimming strokes from directly underneath athletes 
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Underwater Video Camera - 4 Cam

SKU: PCAM10040
Every angle and every application covered. Choose from 1 to 4 SwimPro Swimming Training Cameras and combine them on the one screen to form SwimPro 4Cam. Analyse technique from 4 separate SwimPro cameras angles and review them on our SwimPro 4Cam Recorder 
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Swim Pro Wi-Fi Modem

SKU: PCAM11030
If you have a 4cam Recorder you can add this Wi-Fi modem adding Wi-Fi contectivity for veiwing on iPad™, iPad Mini™, iPhone™, Android™ & other mobile devices. 
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Swim Pro Hard Carry Case

SKU: PCAM12160
The SwimPro Hard Carry Case protects your Hard Disc Recorder and Remote with enough room for power cords and other cables required 
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Swim Pro Travel Case with LCD Screen

SKU: PCAM12180
The SwimPro Travel Carry Case protects your Hard Disc Recorder along with all power cords and other cables required but it has a LCD screen built-in to the lid. 
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