Underwater Video Camera

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Underwater Video Camera - SwimPro Basix(700)

The entry level SwimPro Basix consists of a 700TV line Static Wall Bracket Swimming Camera. If you are looking for a camera that will simply sit on the side or end of your pool wall, this is the system 
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SwimPro IQ Recorder & Software with Wi-Fi Modem

IQ Recorder & Software Advanced analysis features for 1, 2, 3 or all 4 SwimPro camera packages, drawing, illistration analysis on screen. simple, fast & easy to operate software - including one click delayed playback. Control functions remotley from an 
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Carry Bag for Camera

SKU: CAM12150
The SwimPro Carry Bag protects your camera's. 
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Swim ProX Underwater Camera

SKU: PCAM10012
The SwimProX is in high demand world wide! Developed olympic coaches and athletes at Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre, the SwimProX package has proven to be a winner in professional swimming training cameras. 
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Under Water Video Camera - Platinum

SKU: PCAM10020
The Elite Swimming Package for those who want an elite swim training system that has every swimming video angle and aspect covered. If you’re looking for an all-in-one, top of the range Swimming Camera package, then choose Swim Pro Platinum. 
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Swim Pro Floor Cam

SKU: PCAM10030
From the bottom (of the pool) SwimPro Floorcam features a SwimPro 600TV line custom made camera, the SwimPro Floorcam is a great way to view swimming strokes from directly underneath athletes 
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Underwater Video Camera - 4 Cam

SKU: PCAM10040
Every angle and every application covered. Choose from 1 to 4 SwimPro Swimming Training Cameras and combine them on the one screen to form SwimPro 4Cam. Analyse technique from 4 separate SwimPro cameras angles and review them on our SwimPro 4Cam Recorder 
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Swim Pro Wi-Fi Modem

SKU: PCAM11050
If you have a 4cam Recorder you can add this Wi-Fi modem adding Wi-Fi contectivity for veiwing on iPad™, iPad Mini™, iPhone™, Android™ & other mobile devices. 
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Swim Pro Travel Case with LCD Screen

SKU: PCAM12180
The SwimPro Travel Carry Case protects your Hard Disc Recorder along with all power cords and other cables required but it has a LCD screen built-in to the lid. 
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