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Aquatic Elements is proud to announce that we are the Australian Distributor for the Nemo Submersible Drill.

Nemo is the world's first battery-operated underwater drill/screwdriver. This piece of specialized equipment is light, easy to carry and maneuver, and works just like that drill hanging out in your garage. There's no need for tubes, connectors, or any other equipment to get right down to business.

Nemo - A must-have tool for pool and spa professionals, leak detection specialists, people in the diving and boating industry, and anybody working in wet conditions.

Follow these links to see the Nemo Drill in action:




Our company is a major Wholesaler to the Swimming Pool and Spa Industry. We are committed to supplying and advising our customers on the best solutions for their swimming pool and spa needs.

We are aligned with quality manufacturers who themselves bring decades of technological development and expertise. We offer an extensive range of products that are both Australian made and imported from around the world through our International supply partners.

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